What's the Difference Between a vCard and a meCard?

Chances are, you've sent or received a vCard at some point in your life. You may have even received a meCard, but chances are that if you've used a meCard, it's been in the form of a QR Code on a business card or other media.

vCards and meCards are both viable ways to transfer your contact information from one device to another. And in a world where there are seemingly more devices than there are people, making a decision on which type to use can be a pretty important consideration.


So What's the Difference Between a vCard and a meCard?

A vCard, .vcf or Versitcard is the standardized file format for electronic business cards. This is a file format developed by the Versit group in 1995 which, at that time consisted of members from Apple, IBM and Siemens. This is a universal format understood by most devices and software that handle things like contact information and email. vCards can hold everything from your first name, to a photo, to an audio clip. There is some good information about this format on Wikipedia.

meCards are used for the same purpose, but have been developed to be slightly more portable - a.k.a. smaller. Which makes them better suited for distributing as a QR code. The biggest limitations the meCard has are:

  • no cellphone
  • no fax number
  • no job title

But when you put a vCard QR Code up against a meCard  QR Code it's easy to see which one will look better on your business card. In-fact if you don't make the more complex vCard version big enough it's possible that people will have great difficulty getting their devices to scan them.

My vote: meCard for QR codes and vCards for emailed attachements/downloads.

Rob's MeCardRob's vCard

Of course, if you still need to have your picture, cellphone number and audio welcome message go straight into someone's contacts from a QR scan this can be done by embedding a download link instead.

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